What do you think about Ecoworld Rhodopes Association?

Tiziana: Ecoworld Rhodopes association is a good association, that is growing in the time.

Melissa: It worked hard and did an amazing job in organizing this youth exchange and the activities.

Maria: I think that  what this Associatio does is  a nice way to spread awareness and  to undestand causes and problems of the pollution and to learn some good habits.

Francesco: It is a great association made of nice people

Danilo: This association has been working on this kind of thing for more than 20 years, they have the right knowledge to do many other similar projects on recycling or reuse, to be able to teach and raise awareness of other kids from different countries, this topic should be treated more and more

Alessandro: I think they work with passion improving their aware and knowledge about environment; you can feel it talking with the members.

Diana: It is a well-intentioned association, who is cooperating with the community very well. They have to work more on their informal ways to facilitate activities and to be more open to advice.

Gabriel: It’s an awesome organisation, with a respectable goal and meaningful achievements.

Andrei: Is a good ogranization with people much involved in activities.

Tsvetan: I think that this organization is one of the best or the best one in Bulgaria working with youth, all other people about saving the environment and self improvement.

Kostadin: I’m extremely pleased from the organization that  was on really good level. These types of organizations are of utmost importance and are very useful for the development of young people.

Sevin: The organisation helps to young people to be more self-confident, discuss their ideas and develop in future.

Teodora: I really like the organization because it gives the young people to meet people on their age from different countries and to learn about their cultures. An at the same time the  organization give as a chance to learn new things that we wouldn’t learn at school.

Zdravka: I think this organisation give us possibility to learn new things and show our opportunities. It has also helped me to develop my communication skills.

Ligita: I think this association works very good, they organized many interesting projects before and I think that in the future the association will organize many other interesting and valuable projects.

 Laura: People in Ecoworld Rhodopes Association are very responsible and friendly. This associations cares about environmental problems and do things to help environment.

 Eduards: The most important asset of Ecoworld Rhodopes Association is people who run and participate in the organization. Without them our great experience wouldn’t be possible.

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