What was the outcome of the youth exchange?

Alessandro: I met lot of interesting people and learnt lot of important news about the topic; it was also great to know different cultures and see places I’ve never been in.

Danilo: Although it was the first Erasmus project for the association for me it was a success, I learned a lot about the topic, and I learned a lot from the other participants too, we had a lot of time to go to the jez festival, or to the waterfalls , it was great

Francesco: I improved my knowledge about pollution

Maria: I learned a lot about the topic and to manage the activities as a participant and as a leader of my group. I am more aware of the problems that surrounding our society, and how my country and others  European ones are working to fix them.

Melissa: Increased knowledge about the environment and the recycling system.

Tiziana:The result of this youth exchange is more attention about the environment.

Andrei: I learned more about recycle,reuse and reduce.

Gabriel: I learned many new things and I had fun.

Diana: I made a lot of friends who I am sure I will keep communicating with. Also, I learned a lot of interesting things about the topic and not only.

Zdravka: I learned new  things related to the topic RRRR and helped me develop my English. I’m glad I was part of this project it was something new to me.

Teodora: I learned a lot of new things about the recycle, reuse, reduce and how to use this knowledge in my everyday life. I got to know more about the culture of the other countries – Latvia, Spain, Romania, Italy. I got more comfortable to talk in English.

Sevin: The topic of this project was reduce, reuse and recycle the waste so we talked about consequences of pollution and we suggested many ways to save the environment.

Kostadin: I found new friends, exchanged cultural experience and learned many new and useful things about environmental issues. I have improved my language level in Italian and English, as well as my teamwork skills.

Tsvetan: I learned how to look with different eyes to the trash, to think about what I throw and how I throw it. I learned that many of the things that I throw in my daily life can be reduced, reused or recycle. Now I am more aware of the situation with trash and I also try to  rise the awareness of others around me.

Eduards: I have learned many useful things on recycling, reusing and reducing waste and realized the importance of these activities.

Laura: I think (I really hope so) everyone understood how to help environment and that to do in own garden and/or city.

Ligita: Many of participants changed their mind about importance of reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Wasre is a real problem in nowadays. Participants created ideas how to reduce problems related to waste.

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