Express your general opinion about this experience

Alessandro:  It was  my first YE and actually I have lot of expectations, some good some bad; it was amazing to see that almost every experience I lived was really different from what I thought before; the exchange was interesting, people were good and the organization was gentle and respectful.

Danilo: It was fantastic, the location was very nice, in the mountains, while in Italy there were 40 degrees I was at 20 degrees, hotel where we ate was very welcoming, and people in general are you are fantastic.Thanks again.

Francesco: It enriched me as individual and my knowledge and I had a lot of fun.

Maria: It was my second Erasmus+ project and I have a good memory of everything. I had a lot of fun with everyone, I loved every second I spent in Smolyan and around it. The extra activities, the Bulgarian cultural night, the Perelik Jazz Festival and the ecological night  surprised me. It is well organised and I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life. A big thanks!

Melissa: It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in the Erasmus Plus world.  The organization organized very good and interesting activities where we could have fun and at the same time learn new things. I enjoyed very much the outdoor activities, hiking and festivals.

Tiziana: This experience was very important for me, because I am better after this experience.

Eduards: The experience was truly great, and I am looking forward to take part in other Erasmus+ projects in the future.

Laura: This was my first youth exchange project, that’s why I can’t compare it with other projects. But what can I say is I really liked the time I spent in Bulgaria. And after this project I want to go to other projects and one more time visit Bulgaria.

Ligita: This kind YE gives very valuable experience because you get a lot of information as experience from other countries, also you get to know other cultures, get new friends and you are more aware about the topic which is very actual nowadays.

 Diana: It was a great experience, the people were enough for me to have a great time.

Gabriel: It was my first experience of this kind, so i had the opportunity to try many new things. I learned a lot in a fun way. I liked Smolyan and it’s attractions. I loved the people and our hub. I wasn’t very satisfied with the food and the way some activities turned out. Overall it was a positive experience and I’m looking forward to joining similar projects in the future.

Andrei: I don’t know what can I say,that was a unique experiantionfor me,and I liked it very much

Zdravka: It was very interesting. I learned many things about RRRR and met new wonderful, kind people who showed us their culture, dance and their point of view about the topic. It was amazing.

Teodora: I am really happy that I had this opportunity to be part of this project. I met new friends and learned new things about the ways they use in their countries to keep the environment clean. And also I learned different ways to keep the environment cleaner.

Sevin: This experience was useful to me. Talking with people from other country made me more self-confident in my expression.

Kostadin: This is an organization that not only gives you useful knowledge and experience, it is an organization that teaches you how to live and how to enjoy and appreciate the real things of life.

 Tsvetan: It was great. I learned new important things, met new

people and learned about the way they reduce, reuse or recycle

In their contries, also I learned about the specific culture they




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