How was your time in Smolyan?

Alessandro: Great! I enjoyed it a lot.

Danilo: My time was fantastic, I found a compact and fun group, I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot

Francesco:  It was a pleasant experience

Maria: My time in Smolyan was super good. I am glad I had this opportunity

Melissa: I had an amazing time in Smolyan. I learnt many things, improved my communication skills and met awesome people.

Tiziana: Good. I was fine.

Diana: I had such a great time, and in my opinion, being able to spend my time like that was the best experience I ever had. People were amazing and I managed to learn a lot of things.

Gabriel: I enjoyed it a lot and it exceeded my expectations.

Andrei: That was somethings now for me,because was tha first YE.

Tsvetan: It was incredible I grow up in that city, people there are good

and nature is great!

Kostadin: I spent great time with amazing people which I’ll remember all of my life !

Sevin: It was very fun and helpful. I know new people.

Teodora: It was full with new adventures and I went to places that I have never been before . The weather was bad but the people with which I was together make my time in Smolyan to be perfect.

Zdravka: It was great. I met many new friends from other countries

Eduards: Very nice

 Laura: These ten day, what I spent in Smolyan, was one of my favourite in all summer. I learned a lot of new things about Bulgaria and Bulgarian culture. Also found out how much other countries and people in there cares about environment.  I really liked place, where we lived, and every day meal was very tasty. And of course Jazz festival and waterfall… I have no words to describe how beautiful was there. These places was just amazing!

Ligita: It was perfect. I do not have any complaints. Project was organized very good.

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